Beatsforbeaches – Playa (BSSKRT008) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Following the highly anticipated two tracker from label co-founder Hebbe last month, Basskruit gets back to business for 008 as they continue to fly the flag for not only the finest in Belgian and Dutch dubstep, but what’s increasingly becoming the finest in dubstep period. Beatsforbeaches is next to step up to the buttons for another must cop Basskruit instalment. The Brussels based producer has experienced some serious growth over the last couple of years, garnering a sound that’s become noticeably bigger, cleaner and heavier which has rightly lead to releases on Artikal Music, Deep State Audio and Duploc. However ‘It’s All Jazz‘ EP sees the Belgian manifest some of his most creative and intricate material to date including today’s premiere, ‘Playa‘.

On the face of the EP’s opening title track, Beatsforbeaches‘ influences for this project come to fruition. However, rather cleverly, any indication’s of jazz isn’t as explicit as you’d first expect. Familiar 140 ingredients of punishing low end and reverberating SFX remain, but it’s the jaunty synth and melody work that feels so improvised and ‘off the cuff’, like a jazz musician trying his hand at a bit of DAW work. It isn’t until ‘Saxon Tribute‘ when the obligatory saxophone is busted out with Beatsforbeaches opening the door to a jazz club in full swing. The house band’s drummer goes absolutely ape shit and borderline tribal, whipping out some rapid fire bongos that catch fire over slammin’ sub kicks and ad-libbing vocals, until the vibrant brass section eventually takes centre stage. Next up is today’s premiere, ‘Playa‘, a track that perfectly encapsulates the Beatsforbeaches sound that I’ve become so fond of and that’s become so distinct over time. It’s impeccably minimal with no dead weight, every element has a role to play and the flow is slicker than jazzman’s quiff.
As Beatsforbeaches strays away from the lounge and back into his familiar dark room setting, ‘Witness’ rounds off the EP in devastating fashion. An aggressive sub-bass onslaught with industrial crashes and vocal snarls, one of the more menacing sides to Beatsforbeaches and one of my favourites.

Like most of Basskruit‘s releases so far, BSSKRT008 is another all killer no filler four tracker that perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of the producer in question. This time it’s Beatsforbeaches who does it so well. Whilst the title of the EP clearly outlines a theme, it’s not as prominent as you’d think. Beatsforbeaches may begin in the as-advertised jazz lounge, but he can’t help but go back to what he does best; tearing up the sound-system in the darker, more intimate club next door.

It’s All Jazz‘ EP is out 24/05/2021 and available to download from the Basskruit Bandcamp.

Check out Beatsforbeaches on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Basskruit on Soundcloud and Instagram.