Crimson – Sktch (J-Shadow Remix) (SD024) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Established digital platform Simply Deep continue their quest to expose new names to the masses this week, as Crimson hits the buttons for his debut EP, ‘Logos‘. The unknown Berlin based producer announces himself with five brand new tough, multi-faceted tunes plus two remixes, a regular occurrence on a SD release. Today I have the pleasure of presenting one of those remixes, J-Shadow‘s take on Crimson‘s ‘Sktch‘.

Crimson‘s intentions are made clear upon the opening track ‘Genesis‘, making a statement from the outset. He pieces together powerful jarring patterns, carried by unforgiving synths generously laced with filthy rough-neck distortion. Meanwhile, breathy echoing SFX capture some unearthly atmospheres beyond the noise. The EP’s title track ‘Logos‘ breaks away from the brash sounds of ‘Genesis‘ as Crimson looks to flex his fundamentals. ‘Logos‘ offers a faultless pairing of smooth brooding bass-lines with a set of spicy trap flavoured drums. Much of the work is done by a rich melancholic melody, both catchy and lively, particularity on the second phase where the eastern flutes progress. Crimson heads into darker areas and pours all the attitude into the bad boy banger that is ‘Redemption‘, offering some of the roughest and toughest bass weight on the record. For his final two tracks ‘Sktch‘ and ‘Perception‘, Crimson really reaches out across the bass music spectrum and demonstrates what can be achieved at 140bpm, utilising unusual jarring drum patterns once more (particularly on ‘Perception‘), plus a healthy supply of crunchy textures and lively, colourful pads. Two sizzling remixes round off the EP with both J-Shadow and Austria’s Moosiqunt putting their mark on ‘Sktch‘. For today’s premiere, J-Shadow returns to Simply Deep by putting his experimental dance floor qualities to the test, throwing the original ‘Sktch‘ into an intensified, sweaty 90’s rave.

With SD024 Simply Deep once again exhibits their talent identifying capabilities. And I say that on a completely personal level considering Crimson is another new name I’ve discovered purely because of this release. And with ‘Logos‘ EP, the German producer proves his worth with this impressive inaugural body of work.

SD024 is out now and available to download here.

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