Dub Buzz – 02/05/2019

I thought it would be a good opportunity to put together an off schedule ‘Dub Buzz’ to make up for missing the last couple of the usual weekly reviews. I’ve dug into my Soundcloud likes from the last couple of weeks and picked some unreleased favourites currently doing the rounds…

Kali – Shook

Over the last couple of years, Kali has become a master at teasing us with her potential. The now Denver based producer drops these ferocious clips from time to time, each beat as hard as the last. Take this latest clip ‘Shook’ for example, with kicks that hit you like a truck and intense atmospheres created by the strung out plucks and airy mystical pads. Still waiting for a well deserved full EP!

Opus – Indigo (Ft. D£DW8)

Anything Opus touches turns to gold and if you team him up with vocalists/lyricists of D£DW8‘s quality, you get ‘Indigo‘, a tune that’s surely destined for a big release like the rest of Opus‘s creations.

Zygos – no fun.

Zygos has somewhat become a regular on Honey & Bass, but how can he not when the activity and quality are both on point? Following his ‘Drained’ EP on TRUSIK last month, the Belgian creative continues to harness our interest with ‘no fun‘, a dark tune that starts off fairly low key, but continues to progress, transforming into a different beast.

1137 – Slow Day

Only uploaded this week, this one is super fresh from Denver upcomer 1137. After an impressive EP on FKOF late 2018, my ears were hooked, resulting in a feature on my ‘Producers To Watch 2019‘ list. This minimal wobbly cut ‘Slow Day‘ certainly doesn’t disappoint, giving the ears all kinds of tingles!

Aztek – Smokers Lounge

Aztek continues to impress over recent months, ‘Planet Karavan‘ and ‘Toronja‘ spring to mind. But for his recent upload ‘Smokers Lounge‘, the Sheffield based producer goes for an easy listening, laid back approach with subtle chords and pads matched with a smooth, smokey low end. Old school vibes with a jazzy twist!

Nosq – Your Black (Ft. Natsen)

Another producer on my ‘to watch list’ Nosq, has certainly come through with the dark devilish goods recently and there’s no change here on this latest effort, ‘Your Black‘ featuring Natsen. The track’s progression feels like a vivid journey down into the dungeons, as it continues to delve deeper, the subs eventually intensify and haunting vocals make a sudden, unnerving appearance.

SkintDisco – Bris (Pharma Remix)

With SkintDisco‘s latest EP ‘Uno Bish’ still hot off the press, Pharma got a piece of the action and took the opportunity to remix the huge ‘Bris‘. The Austrian producer, who’s on somewhat of a hot streak at the moment with forthcoming EP’s on Locus Sound and Rarefied, completely rearranges the track, introducing a whole range of different flavours and structure in his super innovative style.

Mala – Changes (ALXZNDR Version)

Well what can I say? Whenever you see ALXZNDR‘s name under any form of remix, you know it’s going to be a point blank heater. And when you see the words ‘Mala and ‘Changes’ in front of it, well, you get this utter madness.

Juss B – One Time

Even though his release activity has been a little light over the last year or so, Juss B has still remained as one of my favourites. So it’s super exciting to hear some fresh material from the Californian and one can only hope he’s due a brand new release on his home label Uprise Audio!

GRAMZ – Casey Jones

Another producer who’s consistently at the top of the ‘must listen to’ pile GRAMZ has unfortunately fallen a little quiet over recent months (unlike his pioneering alias). So it’s exciting to see this number land on my feed. Going by the description written as ‘found this, uploaded it’, it does make you wonder how much fire is hanging about on his hard drive!

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If you’re a producer yourself and have got some tunes you’d like me to listen to and potentially feature on the blog and podcast, you can email honeyandbass@hotmail.com.

– Tom