Dub Buzz – 23/01/2019

I thought this week would be a great time to post another ‘Dub Buzz‘ rather than the usual weekly instalment. So here’s a little run down of a few unreleased, unsigned bangers that have landed on my Soundcloud feed over the last seven days or so.

Diggerz – Dog Pound

In come the Parisian duo Diggerz with this whacky number. ‘Dog Pound‘ demonstrates a sound that the pair have evolved with over the last year or so, creating dark soundscapes with quirky melodies and samples. In this case, a spooky take on Super Mario’s Ghost Castle theme is matched with a ridiculously heavy oscillating low end. I’ve always found Diggerz going criminally underrated especially with unreleased tunes like ‘Gomme Cogne‘ from last year and now this one. Here’s hoping to see some Diggerz material getting out there in the near future!

Check out Diggerz on Soundcloud.

Six Chakra

Tampa based producer Six Chakra always comes with the goods as of late. I’ve particularly been feeling his recent free download collab with Grime Theory entitled ‘Money Man‘. However his most recent upload ‘Dark Desire‘ really hits the nail on the head for me, coming in hot with a sleek beat, intense vibrations and lovely atmospheric celestial leads.

Check out Six Chakra on Soundcloud.

Oxossi – Black Horse

I don’t think Oxossi is a stranger to anyone’s ears by now after building an impressive catalogue over recent years, featuring on labels like Crucial Recordings and Deep Dark & Dangerous. He shows his first signs of life this year with ‘Black Horse‘, brought to my attention thanks to the brilliant In Depth Radio show with Distance and Darkside. This dub shows Oxossi has got plenty more to come. ‘Black Horse‘ is super creative, unique and has kicks that hit harder than Anthony Joshua.

Check out Oxossi on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Koma – Barcode

Koma is another producer who over the last couple of years has been building quite a solid body of work, most notably through Encrypted Audio. Amongst his regular releases and some solid bootlegs here and there, he throws up some bad boy bangers like this. When Koma gets mean with it, it’s Koma at his best and ‘Barcode‘ is the perfect example.

Check out Koma on Soundcloud.

Kodama – Piranha Plant

Manchester producer Kodama is one of my favourite recent discoveries and it seems he’s about to make a serious go with his productions this year if ‘Piranha Plant‘ is anything to go by. From the handful of tunes I’ve heard from this fella, it seems he’s got his style dialled, demonstrating wicked vibrant melodies and beautifully built percussion.

Check out Kodama on Soundcloud.

Cartridge – Like Gold

Another talent who’s partial to a vibrant melody or two is Cartridge, a regular on Honey & Bass having featured on the last Dub Buzz and The Hive. Of all his tunes so far, this one may actually be his best (although ‘Trippy Mane‘ will take some beating). ‘Like Gold‘ features a wicked intro that drops into a icy trap-esque beat with wicked rhythm. ‘Like Gold‘ is cold!

Check out Cartridge on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Kali & Nosq – Hollow Eyes

This one by Kali & Nosq is right up my street. The pairs dark sounds are a match made in heaven, creating this rough gloomy tune. Dutch producer Nosq featured on my ‘Producers To Watch‘ list a couple of weeks ago and tunes like this only enforces my reasons why. Kali herself has been one to watch over the last couple of years, her tunes are few and far between but the quality is always there as this superb collaboration shows.

Check out Kali on Soundcloud.
Check out Nosq on Soundcloud.

Aztek – Dun Fiyah Suh

I had to fit in this half time beauty from Sheffield producer Aztek. He’s been on a bit of a hot streak recently with plenty of activity on his Soundcloud feed including a wicked remix of LAS‘s ‘Malfunktions‘ available for free download. Most have been at 140 but this half time beat ‘Dun Fiyah Suh‘ really caught my attention. There’s all sorts of great elements to this one, from the initial melody that gives way to dangerous a mid range to the percussion that slaps throughout!

Check out Aztek on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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