EshOne x Wheez-ie – Crawlspace (FKOF10) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Few labels manage to last a decade, but to last that long and with consistency, well, that deserves a big celebratory compilation! The latest imprint to do so is the trailblazing FatKidOfFire, who signify their remarkable ten year milestone with a huge selection of cutting-edge tunes. The eight track double EP features producers that came to prominence during the label’s fledgling days, to those that are more recent additions to the FKOF family and four legends of the genre on remix duty. If sound was a tangible object and could be put on the scales, these two plates would weigh a tonne a piece! Contributing to the weight is today’s premiere which features a return of veteran and master of his craft EshOne, teaming up with LA based producer Wheez-ie to produce the powerful ‘Crawlspace’.

The always impressive Feonix opens up the A-side with ‘Things I Say‘, a characteristically tough, perfectly weighted space & bass gem from the LSN mastermind, followed by Maes, who simply can’t stop dropping heat this year. He presents ‘Jah, Jah Livin‘, a powerful sound-system shaker with enough low end pressure to blow you off your feet. If you enjoyed his recent Navy Cut EP, you’ll also want to add this to the collection! French prodigy Ourman returns with ‘Lupin‘, following his debut on the imprint earlier this year (FKOFd043). Layers of delicate piano notes grow stronger as the track moves on. So does the percussion, growing in complexity and detail as ‘Lupin‘ evolves into a wistful yet groovy number.
Today’s premiere ‘Crawlspace‘ signs off the A-side, a killer collab from EshOne and Wheez-ie. Right on the nose of my current taste, it’s deep and murky, you can instantly pick out EshOne‘s signature rolling patterns that I became addicted to all those years ago, with intense pulsating bass weight pressure at the forefront. Proper eyes down business to see you through to the next plate.

On the B-Side, FKOF blesses us with four incredible remixes. SubreachersFKOF classic ‘Fear‘ gets picked up from FKOFd002 and enjoys the remix treatment by the legendary N-Type. The veteran lays down his flavour of future-led craziness, adding big sci-fi energy to palette and immense power. Make sure your head is screwed on correctly for that filthy second drop, oh my gosh!
Speaking of legends, Benny Ill of Horsepower Productions takes on Chokez‘s masterpiece ‘Madda‘ (FKOFd029), for a super rare remix. As you’d expect, with the original swagger of Chokez‘s production with Benny Ill‘s OG swagger, It’s bound to be nuts. The crisp, authenticity of the percs and the roughened, switching low end movements, it’s real funky stuff that feels inherently Horsepower.
Continuing this hot streak of absolute dons on the buttons, Dubstep pioneer Distance brings the heavy artillery with a remix of Roklem‘s ‘Forged‘, taken from FKOFd039. He laces the track with molten steel, cracking into the original industrial chaos with sledge hammer percussion and dangerous machine-like mid-range carnage.
And to finish this unmissable release, Phossa‘s ‘Drones‘, one of my favourite tracks to grace the label in recent years, gets a transformation by LX One, adding huge climatic crescendos and thick low end injections. I love how the distinct extra-terrestrial FX still cuts through the added weight and ruckus, a centre piece to the remix as it is to the original. Which is what a good remix is all about, right? Expressing your own definitive sound, adding the weight where possible, whilst still keeping those unique and crucial elements of the original at the focal point. You don’t need me to tell you that all the boxes are thoroughly ticked here.

When FKOF first announced this milestone release, it was always going to be one of the strongest compilations you’ll hear all year. Not only because of the four incredible original tracks to rinse over and over, but to get remixes from four legends of the game? Well that is nothing short of a triumph that does the occasion justice.

FKOF10 is out now and available on vinyl and digitally from the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

Check out EshOne on Soundcloud.
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Check out FatKidOnFire on Soundcloud and Twitter.