For those that don’t know, The Hive is a monthly round up here on Honey And Bass of all the releases over the last four weeks or so. We take you through each single, EP and album that we’ve covered or may have missed. So if you’re looking for brand new music to listen to, The Hive is the place to be!

After unfortunately missing out on a January edition of The Hive, I’m happy to be posting a February’s version after a packed month of great releases!

Inyoka set the tone with a new self titled EP on Gourmet Beats (GB009), his best work to date. This just begins a successful looking year for Joe Nice‘s growing label with Dub Diggerz up next!

On the same day Bandulu brought out its latest masterpiece (BANDULU008) with Commodo‘s remix of  ‘Fierce’ by Kahn and ‘S Is For Snakes’, a tune that’s been begging for a release for some time. Typically the first pressing went within the hour however a plain sleeve pressing is up for pre order right now.

American Duo Distinct Motive put out a couple of decent tracks on Jack Sparrow‘s new imprint Navy Cut (NC002). Just an insight into what they can do and the direction the label is looking to head towards. Clearly it went down well as the first pressing sold out in not time at all!

Another couple of decent cuts came from another producing duo, this time Swedish heavyweights Kloudmen. Dujro and XR (DUPLOC016) featured some stunning deep wobbly basslines. Get this download only release from the DUPLOC Bandcamp.

Infernal Sounds had the pleasure of releasing some of the best music out of February and possibly 2017 so far with Sub Basic‘s brilliant EP. Three beautifully crafted tracks that any bass music enthusiast should check out. Read more on IFS005 here.

Another favourite of mine from this month is Uprise Audio’s highly anticipated compilation album Uprise Audio Collective Volume 1. It comes with 12 equally masterful tracks that show the position UA is in right now. The label clearly has some of the most talented producers on it’s roster with the likes of Juss B, Feonix and Indiji in fine form on this album. Check out the Honey And Bass review here.

As for any other EPs worth checking out, Mr. K and Clearlight both put out high quality material on Version Collective (VCEP007) and Subaltern Records (SUBALT012) respectively. Both interpreting the genre in their own ways, particularly Clearlight with his wonderful atmospheres and textures. Encrypted Audio rightly put out a remix EP of Samba‘s ‘Sadist’, featuring remixes from Trisicloplox and Chokez (ENV007.5).


After a very busy, very successful anniversary year, Deep Medi got to work with a new album from A/T/O/S, ‘Out Boxed’ (MEDILP013). More mellowed, chilled out dynamics and wicked vocals. It’s an album worth checking out but for me, left me feeling a little underwhelmed considering A/T/O/S‘s past works.

Okay, so this is where we get to our special mentions; releases that you may have missed out on this month and probably shouldn’t have.

Joker went inwards once more with ‘Fantasy’, a tune that’ll immediately knock your socks off. You can download it courtesy of Joker’s digital label Kapsize. Kromestar also released a big single on white label, ‘Lion And Thunder’. Pick up the wax here.
How can I go all the way without mentioning the collaboration between Von D, Mizz Beats and Mr Lager? The threesome featured on the first vinyl release from new London/Manchester label Reflektion Tapes. Von D and Mizz Beats teased us with the summery vibes on ‘Dot Compulsion’. However on the flip, Von D teamed up with Mr Lager to take the vibes a little deeper and a littler darker with ‘Some Other Place’. Pick up RTAPES001 here. Another top collaboration came from RDG and Cessman, coming together once more with ‘3000’ on Indigo Movement (IMV001), with an RDG/EshOne collaboration on the flip.

A couple of free downloads from Gramz and Drews Theory to check out and we’re about done!

Thanks for your time and I hope you’ve found yourself some great music to listen to. For more regular content and releases, stay tuned and follow our social media – Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.