As the Honey & Bass Sessions return from a slight hiatus, it was only right to bring in one of my favourite DJs to land on my radar for a while. Nestled in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, Marissa aka Howl is not only an appreciated supporter of the blog but also a talented selector herself. From becoming one of the pillars in her local scene to recently opening for king of the Wave Sorsari, it’s a great pleasure to have her on board!
Howl brings a bumper 80 minutes of eclectic bass music. Journeying through both light and dark areas of Dubstep, to areas of Wave and Grime, we’re taken on a roller coaster of emotions that at times become rather hypnotic. As well as reaching for some names familiar to the blog like Glume & Phossa, DE-TU, Maes & SBK, she also introduces new names to the blog such as Yedgar and gl00my. Enjoy the ride!


???  –  Loss
Duckem  –  Heritage
Argo  –  Quelle Vie
Capo Lee  –  Dream  (Kodama Bootleg)  [DUB]
Wetman  –  ooooo
DE-TÜ  –  Speak Numbers
Roy Bar  –  Look the way you do ft. Maddy  [DUB]
Phossa  –  Settle
Yedgar  –  Life Cycle  [forthcoming]
Rygby  –  OOM. w/ Samba
Maes  –  SK1TMSV  –  Complex Flashback  [DUB]
gl00my  –  C-Through
Glume & Phossa  –  IMHK
Mistah  –  Swim
Pharma  –  Gang Slang
SBK  –  One Man
Ocean Wisdom  –  Stop It
Bengal Sound  –  Special
Kahn & Neek  –  (Having a Sick Time) In the Mansions of Bliss
Eva808  –  Too Late
Nuboid  –  Imperial
Stizzla & Eater  –  Withdrawls
Merky Ace  –  Yo  (Nuboid Version)
JLSXND7RS  –  Flatblimiter  [DUB]
Glume  –  noSlaughter
Myxed Up  –  22s  [forthcoming After Dark Music)
Sleeper x Youngsta  –  Iridescence
Headland  –  Garbo  (forthcoming System Music)
Lord Jabu  –  Yagoda
Digga D  –  No Diet
Kryo  –  Chain Shot  [DUB]
Mr.K  –  D.O.N.T  [DUB]
Sorsari  –  Hospital  [DUB]
Pholo & Visene  –  Faces
DE-TÜ  –  Stay Low
Samba  –  Stripes
Kodama  –  Fear & Love  [DUB]
JFO  –  Mist
DE-TÜ  –  Wah Meh Seh

Check out Howl on Soundcloud and Instagram.