JFO – Frore (TARLP001) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Following an exceptional two tracker earlier this year to launch his new label Tarot Recordings (TAROT001), Manchester’s JFO continues to take matters into his own hands for his next project with a full ‘feature length’ release. An album with a difference, ‘Appetency‘ offers new never heard before flavours from JFO. For the most part, he leaves aside the usual Dubstep centred material and opts for a selection of drama-filled, contemplative pieces, stepping into the realms of cinematic soundscapes. Where it’s light of the usual chest rattling percs and dynamic bass-lines, it’s sure made up for in musicality and emotion, especially during today’s premiere ‘Frore‘.

Although a simple piece, the suspenseful keys of ‘Winter Piano‘ are beautifully affective. Chilling and theatrical like the opening to a Christopher Nolan movie, especially when the lingering synths fill the void and slowly build the tension towards the cold, pensive realms of today’s premiere, ‘Frore‘. With added depth from the wavy low end, it mainly follows the rise and fall of a celestial bleep blooping lead, putting it as one of the more otherworldly pieces on the record. Amidst the moving strings and dramatic swells of ‘Appetency‘, we begin to absorb the emotional theatrics that sit at the core of this project. The powerful low end drones within ‘Quartz‘ are some of my favourite moments, especially paired with those awesome fluttering notes. A personal favourite of mine, I find this one to be the most visual and remarkable; imagine the moment Los Angeles lifts and bends over the head of Di Caprio in Inception. With the ethereal synth harmonies of ‘Waves‘ gracefully concluding this collection of soundscapes, we’re back in more familiar territory with ‘Breath‘. Perfectly paired with the vocals Katrina West, the sub-zero bass-weight play that we’ve come to expect from JFO returns. And for the final act, JFO teams up Mystic State once again. Collaborating for the first time since the massive ‘Cuatro‘ on Mystic State‘s ‘Tomahawk‘ EP (ARTKL047), we’re treated to more super deep, super wavy bass-lines and compelling atmospheres for a memorable finale.

In the nicest way possible, the soundtrack that is ‘Appetency‘ is the last thing I would have expected from JFO. Having enjoyed his recent releases and collaborations over the last couple of years, this special, well executed project is as refreshing as it is unique for someone so embedded in dubstep and contemporary 140. JFO‘s musicality and ear for emotion shines throughout and is paced to perfection.

Appetency‘ is out now and available to download from the Tarot Recordings Bandcamp.

Check out JFO on Soundcloud.