Khromi – Astral Dimensions (SPHQ002) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Returning to SmallPrint Recordings for the first time since 2018, Edinburgh based Khromi unveils ‘Astral Dimensions‘, his debut LP and most ambitious record to date. Today I have the pleasure of presenting the record’s title track, just one of ten original, star gazing tracks rooted in the world of deep dubstep, including a couple of wicked collaborations.

Opening with the chilled inter-galactic sounds of ‘Time Warp‘, captain Khromi hints at the type of astrological journey he’s about to embark upon. Following the more minimal and melancholic ‘Fluctuate‘ where the mechanics continue to warm up, we find ourselves deep in the universe through ‘Lost In Space‘. Meditative in it’s rolling percs with consistently deep sub bass, the technological mechanisms of the space craft remain audible. Today’s premiere and title track ‘Astral Projections’ enables passengers to really experience the dark corners of the cosmos. The spaced out design evokes a feeling of being suspended in time, floating through infinity, exposing ones self to untouched areas through deep dark low end throbs and forlorn strings. Slovenia’s dubstep mastermind FLO joins the expedition with the super slick ‘Tangents‘, a masterclass in contemporary 140 where the duo’s styles harmonise effortlessly. The bouncy, dance floor friendly ‘Amelioration‘ elegantly floats through with it’s vibrant synths, pads and spacecraft rattling 808s, before the record’s second collab ‘Sentient‘ enters the frame, featuring Russian producer Kercha. The pair drop the tempo a little for a moody detour. ‘Portal‘ sees Khromi looking to find his way home, creating funky rhythms heard previously, with similar sci-fi accents and sonar blips echoing beyond the nebula. ‘Synchronous‘ welcomes Khromi and his passengers back to reality with a whole selection of soothing synth chords and harmonies. To see us home, Khromi treats us to a VIP of the earlier collab with Kercha, ‘Sentient‘. An invigorating rework, bringing the original into more familiar 140 territories.

Amongst the plethora of sub-genres and styles ingrained into dubstep, this kind of inter-galactic futurism has been harder to come by. So a ten track, sci-fi space odyssey such as ‘Astral Dimensions‘ is more than welcome. Khromi gets the balance of chilled-out vibrations and deep intensive tones perfect throughout to compose this refreshing sonic adventure.

‘Astral Dimensions’ is out now and available to download from SmallPrint Recordings’ Bandcamp.

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