Ourman – Looking Out (SBK Remix) (SMD040) [HNYBSS Premiere]

After a quick rise to prominence over the last year or so, landing on a host of respected labels, French 140 wizard Ourman continues the momentum with ‘Pacing‘ EP on one of my favourite stateside imprints, Silent Motion Records. Like many of Silent Motion‘s releases, SMD040 features a selection of original high quality tracks, plus an equal amount of heavyweight remixes by some of the best emerging producers around. Today I have the pleasure of presenting one of those remixes from the EP, carried out by the rapidly rising Canadian talent, SBK.

However before the remix madness, Ourman kicks things off by taking us to the middle eastern realms of ‘Sahara‘. Punctuated by the powerful lute plucks at the forefront, the golden sands of the dessert shake under Ourman‘s explosive 808 weight. The title track ‘Pacing‘ adds more movement to the subs with an energetic, stinking bass line. Persistent and super flowy throughout, it effortlessly leads into the third and final original belter, ‘Looking Out‘. Ourman‘s personality oozes through on this one by not only conjuring up more powerful low end craziness, but also introducing wider ranging elements to the sound palette with creative sampling and unique, atmosphere building accents.
The first of the three remixes come in the form of Gnischrew‘s take on ‘Sahara’. The Austrian producer injects his characteristically robust and brazen sounds to the track whilst adding more dynamics to the melody, developing a different kind of energy like all good remixes should. Germany’s Off White gets his hands on ‘Pacing‘ and imports some seriously filthy textures to what was originally a fairly smooth rolling track. If you’re after some filth, Off White delivers it here in buckets. And finally, for today’s premiere, SBK works his magic on ‘Looking Out‘. The Canadian transforms what was originally somewhat of a stomper into a more flowy, undulating cut, with added wetness and zany inflections to boot.

I’ve said it before, but I’m simply here for the way Silent Motion curates their releases. Where signing up such great material would be enough for most, the imprint always goes a step further by adding the remixes. Not only does this add extra dynamics to the well rounded release, but may introduce others to new talented producers. I myself have been introduced to Off White thanks to his contribution. And what else can be said about Ourman other than his continuously impressive chameleon like qualities Always able to produce something fresh, something different and something better each and every time.

SMD040 is out June 5th and available to download from the Silent Motion Bandcamp.

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