P.tah & Last Boogie – Dropbox (SGDNC006) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Continuing their extraordinary ‘Natural Growth‘ free compilation series, established dubstep label Sub Garden have once again put together another superb instalment for Volume 6. As always, with the inclusion of themselves, label heads Roklem and Sebalo have reached out to promising upcoming producers from across the globe, hand picking some of their finest, weightiest creations thus far. Today’s premiere ‘Dropbox‘ features two talents yet to feature on the blog, P.tah and Last Boogie. A testament to the purpose of the ‘Natural Growth‘ series, with it’s ability to expose otherwise unheard artists to avid dubstep fans.

Like many of Sub Garden‘s releases, including previous ‘Natural Growth‘ instalments, we’re faced with big confrontational basslines across the spectrum. From the deep, stomping low end of the opening ‘Excalibur‘ by Motus and IND33P, to the hypnotic, intensive basslines of the proceeding ‘Caught In Digits‘ by Roklem. Fellow label counterpart Sebalo also provides his own brand of dark and moody sub frequencies on ‘Decisions‘. Along with Motus and IND33P‘s effort, Volume 6 also features more intriguing collaborative tracks from the likes of the upcoming Nomad & Orlando with ‘Kakkol‘, Roklem & Sebalo with one of my favourites, ‘Redout‘ and of course today’s premiere ‘Dropbox‘. An addictive production where Austrian outfit P.tah teams up with fellow Vienna creative Last Boogie for a vibrant, atmospheric and melody lead encounter. Producers such as Poland’s SAMI and Germany’s Masta Junga introduce industrial, anarchic textures to the track list, whilst UK’s Hertz and the increasingly impressive Australian producer Blottaz both play with quirky melodies for ‘Time‘ and ‘Kaa’ respectively. Throw in the essential, throwback focused wubs of ‘Restriction‘ by Monclo and ‘Corrosive‘ by LURK3R, plus the concluding dancefloor heater ‘Depth‘ by Mantsche, and we’ve got ourselves another perfectly balanced, mixed bag of juicy 140 goodness.

Whilst the bi-yearly ‘Natural Growth‘ compilation series actively gives upcoming international producers a platform to showcase their sounds, it also operates as a regular optimistic overview of the genre’s health and versatility, and long may it continue!

Natural Growth Volume 6‘ is out 30/06/2020 and available to download (for free!) from the Sub Garden Bandcamp.

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