Pharma & Schim92 – Boodschap [HNYBSS Premiere]

Austrian beat guru Pharma adds yet another stunning collection of tracks to his rapidly growing arsenal. He’s rightly become a regular to Honey & Bass through his usually dark and moody creations, however for his latest project ‘Stray‘ EP, Pharma allows himself to enjoy some lighter notes and sunnier moments. Though with that said, today I have the pleasure of presenting the darker cut of the three ‘Boodschap‘, featuring the mysterious rising talent Schim92.

Throughout recent projects like ‘Pondi‘ and ‘Sudo‘, Pharma has given us a thorough incite into his supernatural environments and a stripped back, contemporary take on dungeon beats. But for this latest self release, he looks to ‘stray’ away from the shadowy caverns and into the open, fresh air. The wistful, hypnotic melodies of ‘Mal Intent‘ shine a light on his slight diversion from the dark side. From the laid back, relaxed beginnings of dreamy notes and crisp, jazzy hats and cymbals, Pharma reminds us of his low end capabilities; the natural swinging drums evaporate and strip back upon big low end throbs and funky, groove infusing chords. Accents of jazz and funk are carried into the title track ‘Stray‘, with more swinging foley percs alongside a fittingly causal but bouncy bass-line. The Austrian plays with more light, easy-going melodies that progress and modulate throughout. Dancing across the desolate fields fleshed out by breezy synths.
The trio is completed upon the darker sounds of today’s premiere ‘Boodschap‘, with help from the upcoming Schim92 who happened to feature on the newcomer ‘Dub Buzz’ special earlier last month. We’re greeted with a tough whirring bass-line dominating a rather gloomy, stripped back production. The drums are sharp, particularly the cracking snare, and the eventual introduction of short, sharp notes are eerie. With rich industrial textures adding to the melody, we’re reminded of Pharma‘s tendencies to dwell in the deep depths of the dungeon.

With ‘Stray’ EP, Pharma adds a refreshing layer to his sound without taking away from his usual captivating ambience. An invigorating stroll through fresh, sun drenched fields before a necessary reminder of his dark side, thanks to another first-rate collaboration to add to the collection.

Stray’ EP is out now and available to download from Pharma’s Bandcamp.

Check out Pharma on Soundcloud.
Check out Schim92 on Soundcloud.