Pharma – Sudo [HNYBSS Premiere]

Honey & Bass favourite Pharma continues his quest to create the spookiest beats from across the land with his brand new self release, ‘Sudo’ EP. Following two of his own innovative creations, Pharma welcomes fellow Austrian dungeon dweller Sedan for two intensified collaborative gems. But it’s the EP’s title track ‘Sudo‘ that we take great pleasure of premiering today courtesy of Pharma himself.

Before the impending title track, the ominous chuckles of ‘Formula’ kicks things off where Pharma explicitly illustrates his sparse, minimal approach to his productions. Characteristically eerie and as sharp as a bee’s sting, his choice of samples and treatment are, as always, second to none! Today’s premiere sees Pharma turn the thermostat up a notch as the energy levels increase through the fierce, skippy percs of ‘Sudo‘, possessing hyperactive low end movement which builds up the intensity heading into the following track ‘Leech’.
The first of two collaborations with rising producer Sedan, ‘Leech‘ thrusts the EP into heavier territories with thick, psychedelic bass-line throbs, ten tonne thudding kicks and neck-breaking rhythms, lifted by frosty atmospheric pads, casually flickering amongst the devastating weight. Although the intensity is maintained, the pair drop back into murky areas on ‘Dizzy‘, with some of the hardest, most unusual sub-bass designs you’ll hear all year. And of course, those constinous haunting tones distinctly bleed through, concluding yet another enthralling, cutting-edge record from man like Pharma.

‘Sudo’ EP is out now and available to download from Pharma’s Bandcamp.

Check out Pharma on Soundcloud.
Check out Sedan on Soundcloud.