Premiere: Glume – Shriek (SUBALT020)

If you’re familiar with the blog or just the genre in general, I’m sure Glume & Phossa are no strangers to your ears. The pair have quickly become two of my favourite producers following fresh boundary pushing releases on White Peach and solo releases on the likes of Albion Collective and FKOF respectively. They’ve consistently knocked it out of the park and in the process, shaping the sound of their home town – Bristol. Today we have the honour of premiering a track by Glume taken from a new split EP with Phossa entitled ‘IMHK‘, available this Friday (28th June) on Subaltern Records. It’s the twentieth edition for the label, who’ve become one of a few that’s regularly pushed various sounds throughout all corners of the genre over the last few years, featuring well respected producers like Ago, Taiko and D-Operation Drop.

The A-side brings Glume & Phossa‘s latest collaborative masterpiece ‘IMHK’. Upon each release the duo really seems to dial down their sound even better than the last. I use the word ‘vibrant’ quite a lot when it comes to their creations and this is no different. Crisp, vivid and mixed to perfection, ‘IMHK‘ is the tune that showcases Glume & Phossa‘s sound with complete accuracy; lively chime-like leads, silky smooth low end and an addictive rhythm all put into the pot to create this spicy banger.
Our premiere ‘Shriek’ by Glume introduces the B-side. Unlike many of his productions, usually lead by catchy energising hooks, we’re treated to a more stripped back approach with a rapidly pulsating bass line taking centre stage. The unique percussive palette is filled with detail with something new to appreciate upon each listen. It’s a tune that’s been doing the rounds for a minute so I’m glad to see it get a well deserved release! The record concludes with Phossa‘s solo cut ‘Deathly Stare‘. Once again Phossa puts together a palette where each component compliments one another effortlessly, including one of his more unique oscillating synth-works running throughout the track on quite an atmospheric, meditative flex.
Don’t miss the digital only track ‘Luko’. Another super fresh collaborative banger with a FAT low end.

Subaltern Records simply have a way of consistently putting together beautiful records both sonically and aesthetically. Paired with Glume & Phossa‘s seemingly endless run of must cop material, SUBALT020 is another beauty to add to the catalogue. It’s a perfect match.

SUBALT020 is out this Friday (28th June) and available from the Subaltern Records store.

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