Premiere: Repulsion & Wolf Camo – Swear (SMD037)

Although Texas based label Silent Motion Records has clearly been making moves for a while now, it really feels like they’ve upped the ante over the last year or so where the records have come thick and fast and certainly been landing with more impact. Today we introduce the label’s 37th instalment which sees rising American producer Repulsion debut on the label, following an EP on Dub Sector only a fortnight ago (DSDV004). For today’s premiere we unleash his collaborative piece with a familiar face to the label, Wolf Camo entitled ‘Swear‘, the concluding track on the EP.

The EP’s opening title track ‘God’s Noose‘ unequivocally reveals Repulsion’s intentions for this latest release; to create the dirtiest, grimiest rollers possible. ‘The Burning‘ only exposes his motivation further, determined by it’s filthy mid-range growls and ripping bass-lines. A clear increase in pressure and creativity with constant progression and funky vocal cuts. The rough psychedelic trip continues on the humorously names ‘Ladies, Please!’ another ferocious, consistent roller with brain melting textures and intense low end movements. Which brings us to today’s premiere ‘Swear’, concluding this ruthless EP with Canadian producer Wolf Camo as he contributes his intensive industrial tastes. Like with anything that Wolf Camo touches, it becomes the Godzilla of the EP. The rumbles of the unceasing sub-zero frequencies and the snarling mid range distortions are allowed to dominate and ferociously rip through the track without mercy.

If there’s one thing Repulsion has demonstrated this year with releases on Off-Switch Audio, Dub Sector and now Silent Motion, it’s is that he’s not afraid to bring intense, rough ‘n tough, face melting rollers to the dance floor. It’s clear he keeps the club in mind when writing these tunes, with their consistent rhythms that are easy to step to, but don’t be surprised if you turn around to see a crowd of over super contorted screw faces.

SMD037 is out November 29th and available to pre-order from the Silent Motion Bandcamp.

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