Premiere: T.A.R – Amplivagant (J.Sparrow Remix) (RAREFIEDREMIX1)

It’s no secret that I regard Rarefied as the most forward thinking, creative label active right now. From their regular mystifying releases by artists who have gone on to become some of the best producers around such as Zygos and DPRTNDRP, to super limited vinyl exclusives from illusive talents on their black label, the quality and activity speaks for itself. For the label’s latest venture, Rarefied continues to expand as they present their first remix focused record featuring two powerful remixes by two veterans, dubstep all-star J.Sparrow and drum n’ bass guru Crypticz. For today’s premiere, we have the pleasure of presenting J.Sparrow‘s remix of T.A.R‘s Rarefied classic ‘Amplivagant‘ taken from RARE3.

Sparrow takes T.A.R‘s psychedelic movements and obscure, foggy atmospherics of ‘Amplivagant‘ and increases the original’s power and dynamism. The thumping bass-line is accelerated and stalked by persistent mid-range fluctuations resulting in the remix feeling considerably larger with a higher degree of ferocity and developed into an unrestrained roller.
Bristol drum n’ bass producer Crypticz contributes his remix of Primer‘s ‘Signals‘ on the B-side. Taken from one of my favourite Rarefied releases RARE6, on a personal level, this was always going to be a tough ask to stand up to it’s original form. However with that said, Crypticz manages to hold on to the beauty of Primer‘s magical soundscapes and similar to how J.Sparrow increased the power on his remix, Crypticz opens ‘Signals‘ up to another level of wavy bass weight pressure and an immensely expansive soundscape brought into the realms of drum n’ bass.

Not only does remix exclusive records open other avenues in Rarefied‘s ever growing catalogue, but upon it’s first instalment, it enables the label to welcome big names in the scene such as J.Sparrow and Crypticz. And when you put names like this together onto wax, you know you’re going to get something special.

RAREFIEDREMIX1 is out this Friday (27th September) and available both digitally and on vinyl from the Rarefied Bandcamp.

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