Premiere: Teffa – Shell It (OVD004)

The latest Honey & Bass premiere ‘Shell It‘ is taken from Teffa‘s latest EP on Belgian label Overdue. ‘Illegal’ EP offers three bass driven tunes that’re unashamedly dubstep in every aspect, where the London based producer focuses on the purity of the genre and demonstrates his attention to detail. Chad Dubz also makes a welcome appearance for a heavy weight collaboration on ‘Sludge‘.

Beginning with today’s premiere ‘Shell It‘, Teffa introduces his beefy bass driven style by focusing on a full fat wobbly low end. Teffa‘s character comes alive through ingenious samples and effects, from a cocking gun to whips and whooshes. He takes what would be a fairly minimal production to something more lively, full bodied with plenty of personality. If you’re familiar with Chad Dubz, you won’t be surprised to find out that the collaborative tune ‘Sludge‘ is the meanest track on the record, oozing with attitude. From the rough bass weight incisions leaving effective space for atmosphere and eerie synths, the pair create a dark soundscape comprised of sirens, a mixture of dark industrial samples and technological bleeps. At first these finely tuned details fill the space however eventually become more apparent as the track moves on and grows in energy. Sit tight for the breath taking switch heading into the second half of the track, with added intensity and menace! The EP’s concluding track ‘Illegal’ forms the most melodic cut out of the three, where the fat rhythmic bass line is lined up with a subtle yet effective synth. The low end transforms almost constantly through various mid range additions, filters and adjustments yet keeping it nice and flowy, never jarring.

With names like Zygos, Hebbe and Dalek One already included on Overdue‘s growing catalogue, who have since gone on to become some of the genre’s leading names, it bodes well for Teffa who submits his best work to date with OVD004. So you can be sure it won’t be long until you hear his sounds on another high quality label!

OVD004 is out 12th July and available digitally and on limited vinyl from the Overdue Bandcamp.

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