Rumble – Scanner (DSDV005) [HNYBSS Premiere]

There’s always going to be producers that fly right under your radar, no matter how big of a noise they’re making. Well, thanks to St Louis label Dub Sector, the alarm was sounded loud and clear as London producer Rumble finally enters my periphery with his colossal new EP ‘Unorthodox’. Including today’s premiere ‘Scanner‘, the record hosts five ferocious tracks that holds that fine balance of deep dark dubstep with more high energy ‘tear out’ areas, somewhat of a speciality that Dub Sector has developed the label around since it’s inception in 2016.

A theme that develops as the EP goes on is Rumble‘s ear for a perfect leading vocal cut, be it from an historical interview, film or documentary, the selections made really draws you in and sets the tone for what’s to follow. The EP’s opening title track ‘Unorthodox‘ demonstrates this with great effect and once the scene has been set via relevant, poignant speech, the track descends into spleen rupturing low end carnage with mid-range synth daggers slicing through. With a view to demonstrate his range, the following track ‘Water Martian‘ brings the EP down into more minimal sound-system focused areas, where the London based producer builds creative textures and kooky samples around a thick, throbbing bass-line. One of the more moody, eyes down tunes on the otherwise high octane record.
Today’s premiere and B-side opener ‘Scanner’ first threw me back to Loefah‘s classic ‘Goat Stare’ with the initial use of the same sample taken from the 1981 cult classic ‘Scanners‘. However Rumble is sure to make it his own, as the vocal cut heavily reverberates into further quake inducing vibrations. The initial stand alone bass-line and super powerful percs quickly collide with aggressive, creature-like synths amongst Rumble’s quintessentially outlandish effects. Harsh but catchy; ‘Scanners’ a true dance-floor destroyer.
I think the title of the following track ‘Provoked‘ is to be treated as a warning considering the enormity of what’s to follow. The beast has indeed been ‘provoked’ as the track proves to be the most intensive, rip-roaring track on the record. Harnessing pure unadulterated low end pressure and unforgiving distortions, blaring like apocalyptic sirens.

Such is the perfect pacing of the EP (something that has been clearly thought about), the final track ‘Illusion’ reigns the beast back in and away from the previous destruction and madness it brought. This concluding track is calmer and stripped back, loaded with natural crackles, delays and foley percs – a nod to traditional dub. But wait for the second drop and you’ll find Rumble is unable to control himself as the record draws to a close. He injects more intense, chaotic low end wobbles one last time and the percussion gains stature. The ‘illusion’ is complete as it evolves into an industrial banger, allowing Rumble‘s unapologetic audio violence and experimental tenancies to leave a lasting impression.

DSDV005 is out today and available to on vinyl or digitally from the Dub Sector Bandcamp.

Check out Rumble on Soundcloud.
Check out Dub Sector on Soundcloud.