Spotlight: Mungk – Acid (INSTi026)

Throughout a couple of short productive years, it’s been fascinating to witness the sounds of Mungk grow into an undeniable force of all things dubstep. The UK creative has reached all corners of the genre, from dubwise heaters to tribal gems and of course the contemporary bangers, each time growing in quality and deservedly gaining in popularity. For his latest release, Mungk features on the highly active and progressive UK label Instigate Recordings for it’s 26th instalment. We’re treated to a trio of fresh productions where he takes a different approach compared to previous works, this time taking inspiration from 90’s rave culture. So don the day-glow, dig out those glow sticks and absorb the entrancing sounds of ‘Acid‘!

Mungk’s experimental time capsule takes flight from the onset, unveiling that iconic squelchy acid synth, hurtling towards the impending madness at warp speed. Taking precedence for the majority of the track, the intense and nostalgic synth flawlessly works with the more contemporary elements, from the tough rolling bass-line, to the rapid hi hats and siren-like swells. From this track alone, it’s clear Mungk has conceived something special and unique, so it’s only right for him to build on the sound and carry it into the following track. As implied from the name, ‘Glitch‘ leads with a clever glitched out melody and plenty of techy textures. However it doesn’t take long until another burst of distinct analogue synthesizers emerge to tickle the nostalgic taste buds, evoking memories of the endless hours spent playing Gran Turismo. Mungk steps away from the the big rolling bass of it’s predecessor and instead, installs huge 808’s to prop up the low end for a more familiar, modernised feel.
The final track ‘Modular’ finds itself as the deepest, waviest track of the three. As the morning sun begins to rise and the satisfied crowd begins it’s come-down, Mungk turns on his familiar charm with light and bubbly modulating synths alongside a more meditative approach to the low end, though still keeping things powerful and full-bodied.

If you’re familiar with Mungk, you’ll already be aware of his versatility, always able to keep you on your toes and unable to predict what’s next before you hit that play button. However for ‘Acid‘ EP, he provides his biggest surprise yet, developing unique stylistic fusions that results in a vivid time hop back into the legendary fields of Fantazia. Whilst Instigate Recordings remain consistent with their regular schedule of high-quality, creative projects, this one really puts it’s head above the parapet and although it’s on the short side with three tracks, ‘Acid‘ EP still feels like a well-rounded, thoroughly thought out project.

INSTi026 is out 29/06/2020 and available to download here.

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