Tetrad – Outpost 31 (INSTi025) [HNYBSS Premiere]

It seems like only yesterday I was featuring Barrett‘s ‘Beneath Us‘ EP courtesy of Instigate Recordings. Like many of Instigate‘s releases, it’s one that will remain in rotation for a while. However the label shows no sign of letting up with an immediate return, by presenting the heavyweight sounds of LA brothers, Tetrad and Ahkur. For ‘Moral Terror‘ EP the pair display their dark, industrial tastes throughout four malevolent tracks, featuring two productions from Ahkur, one killer collaboration and today’s premiere, Tetrad‘s solo effort, ‘Outpost 31‘.

Ahkur initiates proceedings with the stomping ‘Focus93’. Stifling sub bass pressure and powerful head-banging patterns take centre stage on this one, it’s dark and industrial elements foreshadow the succeeding tracks. I vividly remember listening to Tetrad‘s ‘Outpost 31‘ some time ago, absorbed by it’s power and depth. So it’s a pleasure to be presenting it today and to see it’s release into the public domain. It’s expansive atmospheres and destructive, roller-coaster bass lines are finally to be enjoyed to the fullest and slots perfectly within these apocalyptic sound designs. Ahkur continues to uphold the weight for the following ‘Sours‘, certainly the most experimental cut on the EP. He terrorises the sound system with a rough, bludgeoning riff and obscure industrial textures alongside constant thunderous rumbles of the low end. The EP concludes with the perfectly placed collaborative title track ‘Moral Terror‘. A tremor inducing finale where the brother’s dystopian sounds collide, launching into deep astrological spheres for a truly memorable climax.

Having enjoyed Tetrad and Ahkur‘s work individually on and off for some time now, it’s refreshing to hear how the pair’s sounds compliment each other so well. It was always going to result in a project full of depth and destruction but for ‘Moral Terror‘, the duo go a step further and create yet another top-drawer record to feature on Instigate Recordings.

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Check out Instigate Recordings on Soundcloud and Twitter.