The Weekly Buzz – 01/07/2019

It’s all been about quality over quantity throughout the last couple of years for French producer Quasar whose gradually risen through the ranks to become one of the ‘must check out’ producers this year. From releases on Sub Garden (SGDN013) and Foundation Audio (FAVX001), Quasar‘s sound has grown into a larger than life, foundation shaking sound that’s been harnessed in its entirety for his latest EP ‘Soundsystem Addict‘ on the formidable Artikal Music.

The EP’s leading track ‘Soundsytem Addict‘ perfectly encapsulates the sound that the Parisian has been working on and building up to. Considering the title you won’t be surprised to hear the immediate devastating bass weight pressure made for the system, dominating the track with a clear influence of the roots and culture sound. Amongst other minor adjustments of tape delays and other authentic analogue effects, the sub-bass movement naturally develops, subtly injecting further energy. A masterclass in how to design a powerful minimal production. Quasar‘s collaborative track with Haze0 delves into darker territories through ice cold melodies drifting in and out of a dynamic low end. Various tape delays and echoing spaceship bleeps fill out the spacious composition with fine attention to detail. Attention to detail is what Quasar is all about as demonstrated throughout the final two tracks. After the brief melodic break, he goes back to destroying the system. But not only is there still clear focus on the rough and tough bass-lines, both ‘Post Echo Dub‘ and ‘Dub Speech‘ comes to life through the added texture and sharp animated sampling, dialing in on the sounds of dub music blended with contemporary 140 styles.

Soundsystem Addict‘ directly shoots Quasar to the genres forefront, particularly on the dub-side of things. And that’s not only thanks to the notoriety of the Artikal label, the most prolific label Quasar has featured on, but the sheer quality of this particular collection of productions, his strongest and most powerful to date.

‘Soundsystem Addict’ EP is out this Friday (5th July) and available from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

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