The Weekly Buzz – 02/09/2019

West coast producer Saule has certainly cooked up some future classics over recent years. Mostly collaborating with fellow heavyweights such as DPRTNDRP on Subaltern Records (SUBALT016) and Malleus on Gourmet Beats (GB005), but not forgetting his solo masterpiece ‘Cure Dem’ on Infernal Sounds (IFS007) that’s recently enjoyed the remix treatment by J:Kenzo (IFS015). This week, that J:Kenzo connection continues as Saule debuts on his prolific label Artikal Music. For ‘Zeroes’ EP, Saule invites you to his haunted house, inhabiting three ghoulish beats, his finest solo work since IFS007.

Entering Saule‘s shadowy dwelling, title track ‘Zeroes‘ welcomes you with a rush of goose-bumps. The air thick and heavy, rumbles from the energetic low end shakes the foundations beneath your feet. Paranormal communications pass through becoming clearer as it takes the form of a catchy, haunting melody. Take the wrong turn and you enter the intimidating realms of ‘Baro‘, where a more aggressive poltergeist occupies the surroundings. The stomper of the EP, ‘Baro‘ makes it’s presence felt through the spacious hits, volatile and buoyant. It warns you, the trespasser, forcing its energy upon the subject through hard bass-weight incisions and dizzying frenetic wobbles. A hard, powerful track not to be taken lightly.
Now deep in its hidden backrooms, Saule‘s haunted house envelopes you in it’s energy with ‘Pistola‘. The once trespasser now resident becomes at one with the surroundings, finally taken in and accepting of its power. The incessant organ chords lay out a path of eerie comfort but the foggy rolling bass-line reminds one of the the all powerful paranormal territory. The drum fills are slick and detailed. Much like the sampling throughout the record, the percussion is second to none. When it comes to ‘Zeroes’ EP, it’s in the details; upon each listen there’s something new to appreciate.

‘Zeroes’ EP is out this Friday (6th September) and available both digitally and on vinyl from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

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