The Weekly Buzz – 03/05/2021 [HNYBSS Premiere]

Subsequent to his heavyweight debut on FatKidOnFire last year (FKOFd048), I’ve been keeping a keen ear out for the fresh sounds of Q100! So not only is it exciting to see a new project from Estonia’s dubstep trailblazer, but I also have the pleasure of presenting ‘Fake ID‘, the opening track to ‘Platypus‘ EP, out this week on Q100‘s very own imprint BASS372 Records.

With ‘Fake ID‘ opening the record, Q100 unloads his signature weight with a certain fluidity that I’ve become accustomed to within his developing sound. Contrary to the name, this is the real Q100 right here at his heavyweight best! The mid-range remains filthy and abrasive and paired with the huge face-smacking percussive hits, it retains it’s volatility throughout in a vast intergalactic arena. ‘Bojack Riddim‘ follows with heavy feet. A system-testing stepper with flowing shoulder-swinging stomps marching thick and fast, punctured by pin sharp drums. The brightest elements on the EP arrive in the form of subtle chiming melodies within ‘n-gon‘, shining upon the energetic and drum-centric arrangements before ‘Platypus‘ heads in the opposite direction; leaving us all in a deep pit of chaos and darkness. The low-end designs really do stand out here with constant undulations that, for me, appears to be the most intense of the four. Alongside moments of ear tickling reese sizzles and more creative sound design, Q100 continues to wield that snare like some kind of deadly weapon, concluding the EP in explosive fashion.

Q100‘s sound continues to develop in stature and ‘Platypus‘ EP arrives as the latest noteworthy showcase. It’s fun, fluid but most importantly, unashamedly weighty.

Side note – the artwork is undeniably awesome. Check out more of Sergei Dragunov colourful creations here.

‘Platypus’ EP is out 04/05/2021 and available to download from the Bass372 Records Bandcamp.

Check out q100 on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Bass372 Records on Soundcloud and Instagram.