The Weekly Buzz – 03/08/2020

One of the most prominent names to come out of the Wave scene over recent years, Deadcrow sets his sights on Dubstep territories this week for his debut vinyl release, featuring two mammoth tracks on the mighty Artikal Music. Like all good producers can and should, the Dutch maestro has looked to diversify his powerful sound with these two turbo-charged machines designed to shutdown any adrenaline fuelled dance.

Always one for a breathtaking bass-line, Deadcrow fixes up two high velocity, roller-coaster bass-lines, rattling across both ‘Scrape‘ and the B-side’s ‘Contrete‘. ‘Scrape‘ is a wild ride of consistently powerful, sub-bass oscillations and swells, and a combination of powerful cracks of the snare, super sharp china patterns developing infectious rhythm and playful chants which provide some trappy accents, fit for an energetic dance floor. The foot stays firmly on the gas however for ‘Conrete‘, with a rough overwhelming bass-line heavier than a palette of freshly mixed cement. Deadcrow gives a nod to the roots of bass culture with some classic sampling mapped into the engine whilst the icy pads keep the steaming motor cool.

Deadcrow effortlessly drifts from the intoxicating currents of the Wave to engineering two high-powered tracks that lean towards the darker, aggressive aspects of Dubstep and 140. Like much of Artikal Music‘s recent releases, ARTKL051 harbours yet more material begging to come out of the garage and driven through sound-systems worldwide when the time is right!

ARTKL051 is out this Friday (7th August) and available on vinyl here and to download from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

Check out Deadcrow on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Artikal Music on Soundcloud and Twitter.