The Weekly Buzz – 03/09/2018

Following releases on high profile labels such as White Peach, Deep Dark & Dangerous and Subaltern over the last couple of years becoming a formidable producing force, Taiko returns to where it all began this week with a 10″ release on UK/Belgian label Albion Collective. It’s the labels second release year following that beauty from Glume as the label looks to expand taking on the finest producers about. Over the course of two stellar tracks, Taiko shows his journey since first appearing on Albion Collective two years ago (ALBION002).

The A-side ‘Old Like Dirt‘ comes in the in form of a serious thumping sub heavy roller until it journeys into a pulsating b-line once the looping vocalised lead kicks in. On the flip, we’re treated to long time dub ‘Panchea’, a rowdier number compared to the previous and certainly one to add the ‘hyped up’ playlist.

ALBION005 is out this Friday (7th September) and available from the Albion Collective store.

Check out Taiko on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Albion Collective on Soundcloud and Twitter.