The Weekly Buzz – 03/12/2018

This weeks Weekly Buzz features a belter of an EP courtesy of Leeds based label Bare Bones, headed by Nausika and Mr.K. It’s Bare Bones‘ fourth release where the label brings in a handful of highly skilled producers that contribute some of their finest beats.

Chonk Mob talisman Koma features on a Bare Bones compilation for the second time after contributing ‘Brux’ on the previous EP, a massive banger that was probably my favourite from the four. It’s a similar case this time round with ‘Magnum’, a truly rough and tough atmospheric track that Koma has gotten so good at as demonstrated on his recent EP on Encrypted Audio. It’s a tricky tune to follow but I think upcoming producer Fiend pulls it off with the ethereal ‘Spasmz’. Coming out with a wicked debut vinyl release on the same day courtesy of Navy Cut, the Bristolian takes us away from the dark depths of the previous track and into a more vibrant world filled with colourful leads and punchy percussion. By complete coincidence, Kodama appears on the third track after I recently discovered the Manchester based producer through last weeks Dub Buzz. He produces the intense ‘Gouijan’, the deepest cut on the EP thanks to that very wavy low end. And then we arrive at the concluding track where Bare Bones regular Felix makes an appearance, now featuring on three out of the four compilations. ‘Valley’ is a fairly up beat number compared to the preceding tracks, dance floor friendly full of bounce and rhythm, a sprightly way to end the release.

It’s clear to see Bare Bones is certainly open to variety as demonstrated by Volume 4. Whether you’re into rough ‘n tough sounds or the lighter, more ethereal cuts, there’s something here for ya!

Bare Bones Vol.4 is out Friday (7th December) available to download from the label’s Bandcamp.

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