The Weekly Buzz – 05/11/2018

It’s been quite a year for Minneapolis trio Ternion Sound to say the least. From making a splash with the massive ‘Verify Me‘ on DUPLOC early 2018, to putting out what is for me one of the tunes of the year, ‘Hopeless’ on Chestplate. Now the Ternion boys bring another big release on another big label, a four track EP onĀ Artikal Music. ‘Parasite 6‘ is Ternion Sounds most intense, texture rich project to date where all three producers go in all guns blazing.

If you want a track that sums up Ternion Sound to perfection, a track that does some serious damage to your rib cage similar to the aforementioned tracks, then look no further than the EP’s leading tune ‘Parasite 6‘. Once again the boys give a ‘wub wub’ masterclass, absolutely nailing the low end, similar to another track of theirs ‘Top Tier‘ that featured on a Prime Audio‘s compilation album earlier this year. However in comparison, ‘Parasite 6‘ ups the anti on its depth and power. That pattern continues across the following tracks. ‘Loonz’ holds some serious teeth gritting weight as does the ferocious percussion heavy ‘The Chamber‘ bringing pure energy. The concluding track on the digital release ‘Nicky P‘ happens to be the most vivid drama filled track on the EP so don’t miss that!

ARTKL036 is available this Friday (9th November) on both vinyl and digital from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

Check out Ternion Sound on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Artikal Music on Soundcloud and Twitter.