The Weekly Buzz – 06/01/2020

It’s finally here! For the majority of 2019, Oxossi‘s ‘Blackhorse‘ stood as my absolute favourite unreleased track upon hearing it on Distance and Darkside‘s Indepth Radio. I must be the highest listener on that clip! Finally, after the best part of a year, San Diego based label Banana Stand Sound has picked it up, alongside two more of Oxossi‘s finest creations. BS008 marks his second appearance on the label after featuring on BS’s maiden release in 2015. The record comes after a fairly quiet year for the Brazilian producer but boy does he break the silence with this monster!

Blackhorse‘ is downright filthy. From the murky beginnings of militant kicks and a mean brooding bass-line, it goes on to develop into an absolute slammer. From the ingenious inclusion of Lil Wayne‘s looped yelp, to the wail of a haunting siren-like synth that adds to the tension, it perfectly aligns with the increasing aggression of the gritty mid range riff. All the elements build up beautifully, only to be cut by an equally beautiful switch where the track drops into a stinking wobbler for the final moments.
Although the leading track was always going to be tough to match, Oxossi keeps the deep dark low end for the following track ‘End Your Light‘. However he switches the vibe by heading into smoother, wavier areas. Cold, dark and atmospheric; a worthy chaser to ‘Blackhorse‘. Oxossi concludes BS008 with ‘Ronin‘, a unique soundscape centred on a piece of dialogue from the 1999 movie ‘Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai‘. The philosophical monologue of Forest Whitaker’s character is wrapped in Oxossi‘s moody, bubbling textures and subtle riffs, void of any percussion or any overbearing elements. Super unique and a perfect piece to slip into a set or even as a dramatic intro.

Ever since his unforgettable debut on Crucial Recordings in 2016 with ‘Solace‘ EP (CRUCIAL005), Oxossi has rapidly become one of those highly respected producers that never disappoints. However with ‘Blackhorse’ he really shows what he can do and gets those creative juices flowing once again. The accompanying tracks are simply a welcome bonus. BS008 is a mouth watering work of art, a perfect start to 2020 and is thoroughly deserved to land on Banana Stand Sound‘s vinyl exclusive, high quality catalogue.

BS008 is out this Friday (10th January) and available on 180g vinyl from the Banana Stand Sound store.

Check out Oxossi on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Banana Stand Sound on Soundcloud and Twitter.