The Weekly Buzz – 08/04/2019

This week, Zygos features once again on The Weekly Buzz following his self released ‘Tomos EP‘ a little over a month ago. Succeeding releases on respected labels such as Overdue, Cue Line Records and Rarefied, the Belgian producer brings three brand new tension-filled tracks to TRUSIK, a label rapidly growing in stature, including a hefty collaboration with Teffa.

It’s the collaboration track ‘Direkt‘ that kicks off the EP in doom-full fashion. As you’d expect when two of the darkest producers combine, the track becomes a devilish one. A concoction of spine tingling samples and confronting bass weight pressure. As if an ugly, inconceivable beast gives chase, breathing down your neck and screeching in terror. The chilling wails cut through chest rattling subs, a necessity for any Teffa or Zygos track. Gradually the randomness of the chaotic screeches evolve, becoming more melodic, forming rhythm as the kaiju gains ground and confidence from behind.
Zygos increases the intensity on the flip with ‘Run Down‘, wading through a never ending swamp thick with black slime and toxic gunge. Reverberating sirens and delayed crashes bounce off the surrounding trees, but help is too far away. The powerful rolling bass line carves out the beast’s movement that rips through the dark, grainy environment. It mimics the human tongue, whispering unnervingly as it snaps you up like prey, constrained and defenceless in the swamp.
The finale track ‘Drained‘ drags you deep into the underbelly of the beast. The huge percussive hits echo around giving you an idea for size in the darkness. Fitting for a climax, the record finishes with the murkiest meditative low end on the EP. Full of grit, it throbs for eternity. The pressure is too much in the bowels of the beast.

Release after release Zygos continues to push the boundaries, evolving into an artist that could easily score the soundtrack for the next grimy horror flick. Be it a monster-based blockbuster or an unnerving mind bender produced by A24, this dude can do it. The visuals that’re wrapped within the soundscapes are always so vivid and rich in texture. One of the few that can create productions that regularly makes you look over your shoulder.

TRSK006 is out this Friday (12th April) and available here.

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