The Weekly Buzz – 08/07/2019

TRUSIK have developed a healthy habit over the last couple of years by picking up some of the finest talent across the globe whether they’re upcoming or well embedded within the scene. From USA’s Mesck to Slovenia’s DubDiggerz and most recently Belgium’s Zygos, the blog turned label have not been messing around. Their latest instalment sees them reaching all the way out to the far east where Japan’s best kept secret City1 follows his debut record on Gourmet Beats earlier this year with a three track EP ‘Buluu’, packed with colour and texture with plenty of hypnotic meditative qualities.

The record begins with menace where ‘Bega‘ bounds in with intense rolling sub-bass pressure, throwing the listener into City1′s unusual world of vibrant hypnotic sounds that can, at times, become unnerving in all the right ways. My favourite track on the record has got to be the B-side’s opener ‘Buluu‘, which releases the tension built up on the A-side and heads into more comforting, lighter territory. Echoing percussion supports the soothing atmosphere designed by City1 through a recurrent chime-like melody glowing over smooth throbbing lows and kicks. The mesmerising rolling style of ‘Buluu‘ EP concludes with ‘Cosmic Chant‘, diving into a colder region of City1‘s world. Lead by a melancholic piano, the concluding production breaks into wavy throbs of bass with the piano disintegrating into computerised bleeps holding the melody through to the climax of the trip.

As with any TRUSIK release, City1‘s masterpiece is matched by unique high quality artwork, this time carried out by fellow countryman Hisanori Yagi whose pieced together a colourful abstract piece, accurately reflecting the record’s contents. TRSK007 happens to be the most psychedelic release to feature on the label, a mind-bending trip from start to finish. Produced with such quality and uniqueness, it’s no surprise City1‘s debut records have found home on two excellent labels and I’m sure there’ll be more to come from the Japanese maestro.

TRSK007 is out Friday (12th July), available on vinyl here.

Check out City1 on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out TRUSIK on Soundcloud and Twitter.