The Weekly Buzz – 09/04/2018

Following it’s 10 year anniversary last year, Distance‘s staple dubstep label Chestplate shows no sign of stopping anytime soon with it’s quality releases. The label puts out it’s first release of 2018 this week with Siskiyou debuting on the label. The duo comes through with three tunes that fit perfectly with the rough and aggressive Chestplate sound yet still pushes the boundaries. The leading track ‘Mirrors‘ introduces us to Siskiyou‘s best material to date, it eases in with gritty bass incisions with plenty of tension alongside a lengthy vocal sample before transforming into a complete stomper. This is followed by ‘Bxxed‘, a track that sounds like it’s made for the Chestplate label. The B-side finishes with ‘Swerve‘ where Siskiyou delves back into some experimental madness once more, this time with a clear grimy influence and utilises plenty of space and roughneck bass.

CHESTPLATE043 is out Friday (13th April). The 12″ is available here and digi here.

Check out Siskiyou on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Chestplate on Soundcloud.