The Weekly Buzz – 09/09/2019

I’m sure for many like me, Welsh trio LSN have been a staple in many playlists and mixes for some time. Since my introduction to the group through Youngsta‘s Rinse FM‘s Show some years ago, I’ve made sure not to sleep on them ever since. Exclusive to Uprise Audio for some time, LSN have recently featured on Artikal Music and this week, they debut on rapidly growing Belgian label Albion Collective. ‘Oscillator‘ EP journeys through the LSN sound from it’s industrial belters to more contemporary sounds across multiple tempos. American bad man AxH even makes a welcome appearance where his already riotous sound collides.

I Don’t Know What That Means‘ initiates the record with high impact as LSN embarks on its progressive journey. It’s minimalism is stifling. The sheer expanse of the vacant space perfectly broken up by the pulsating larger-than-life low end is spine-tingling. Frantic sirens and indecipherable robotic vocals naturally grow into the track, adding to the already intoxicating soundscape. ‘Oscillator‘ sees the group delve into a far eastern world with an abundance of elegant shamisen plucks and natural tribal-like percussion that sits alongside a potent oscillating bass-line as the title suggests. LSN pioneer Simetra blesses the track with her alluring mystical vocals, the lyricism captivating as always. Heading into the B-side, AxH shares his brazen sounds with no holds barred. Combining with LSN‘s signature dark bass driven production style, it was always going to be the most aggressive track on the record. ‘Gone For Never‘ surges through the scorched earth of the future. Monstrous growls and rough snarling mid range melodies dominate the arrangement, leaving a trail of carnage in its wake.
For the concluding track, LSN switches the tempo, hopping into some half-time magic. Also done by some of my favourites like of Thelem and Mesck, I do think adding in these switch ups of tempo and style at the end of a record makes all the difference. ‘Rubberhands‘ has been floating around for literally years, so I’m grateful to see it getting put on such a stacked release. The belligerent approach from the previous track follows into this one with a sound design full of texture, detail and power, wrapping the record up in a way where you feel like you’ve just heard LSN at their best.

ALBION009 is out this Friday (13th September) and available on vinyl from the Albion Collective store.

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