The Weekly Buzz – 09/12/2019

As we reflect on the last twelve months in the world of 140, the emergence and continued success of Cartridge cannot be overstated. From little to no releases as of 2018, the rapidly rising prodigy has gone on to feature on a multitude of labels from Foundation Audio to the fledgling Romulus Records and CNCPT Collective. Tally those up with a handful of barnstorming features and you’re looking at one of the most prolific producers the UK has had to offer this year. Just when you think Cartridge‘s banger conveyor belt had been shut down for the year’s end, not only has he squeezed out another superb EP, but possibly his masterpiece of the year. Belgium based imprint Albion Collective has the honour of presenting this cutting edge three tracker who themselves have enjoyed a year of continual success, welcoming the likes of Traces, LSN and Lord Jabu to the label.

If you’re regularly immersed in the world of 140, don’t be shocked if you’re already familiar with ALBION11’s leading track ‘Cashmere‘. Not only has the track enjoyed support from some of the scene’s finest for some time, the incredibly catchy and dominant pan-flute is impossible to shake off once consumed. Pair the smoothness of the flute with the sizzling 808’s then you’ve got yourself one of the tunes of the year.
Having seen ‘Cashmere‘ on the EP’s track list alongside the concluding track ‘Sacred Scrollz‘, I thought the record’s sandwiched tune ‘Anti-Matter‘ may fall into the filler trap. But I should’ve known better. ‘Anti-Matter‘ harnesses some of Cartridge‘s deepest, darkest sounds with the track centred around floor shaking sub-bass distortions and light eerie notes, falling like rain drops in a dark cavern; spacious and echoing. Other-worldy and certainly no filler.
The EP’s finale ‘Sacred Scrollz‘ simmers things back down, heading back to similar vibes of the A-side. Between the trap-esque percs and rough, grimey horn stabs, one of the more unique melodies you’re likely to hear effortlessly floats by, cutting through the weighty, harsher elements. A treacle like melody, smooth and sweet and mixed down to perfection. A perfect celebration and goodbye to both Cartridge and Albion Collective‘s year of success.

So if for some bizarre reason you did miss any of Cartridge‘s accomplishments this year, ALBION011 is here to slap you round the face and wake you up to his innovative, versatile sounds. And make sure you stay awake as you can expect a lot more from both him and the label in 2020.

ALBION11 is out this Friday (13th December) and available from the Albion Collective store.

Check out Cartridge on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Albion Collective on Soundcloud and Twitter.