The Weekly Buzz – 10/02/2020

B-Say is a producer I’ve been eagerly keeping my eyes and ears out for a while now. Not too overly active, he’s most recently featured on Badman Studios and Instigate Recordings whilst keeping a handful of his latest cuts under wraps, testing the new creations through his bi-weekly show on Subtle FM. For his latest offering, B-Say lands on FatKidOnFire, a blog turned label that, from my point of view, has quietly become one of the most consistent labels about. FKOFd042 features four of B-Say‘s freshest cuts, turning out his most polished record to date.

Empire’ opens the record in militant fashion where B-Say reveals his rough ‘n tough low end capabilities if you’re not already familiar. The sharp piercing synth stabs are pretty wild in isolation, and the horns distinctly cast a mean, ominous feeling whilst adding depth and attitude to an otherwise minimal construction. The brighter second track ‘Fever‘ sparkles into life with lively shimmering synth work, the centre point of the track alongside the pin sharp percs. It seems rather light at first, but wait until the unmistakable vibrations kick in, where B-Say fills out the initially laid back design with a constant line of foundation shaking sub-bass. I was lucky enough to receive the following track ‘Lost Control’ a while ago from B-say and found myself instantly hooked. A dark menacing roller, rich in low end frequencies and killer echoing details in the palette. A fine example of the power of simplicity when done right. The record finishes with ‘Richter‘, loaded with more throbbing B-Say bass-weight goodness. Amongst the thick, haunting atmospheres, eerie chords instil a horror-like charm to the production, a proper haunted house riddim to finish!

B-Say has officially let his presence known with this collection of tracks, his best yet. It’s high time he started to gain the attention he deserves when it comes to his high-calibre productions and what better way to do so than on a label who has some of the best PR and back-catalogues in the game today. A record very much deserved to feature on FKOF as they enter their tenth year as a trailblazing blog and imprint.

FKOFd042 is out this Friday (14th February) and available to download from the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

Check out B-Say on Soundcloud.
Check out FatKidOnFire on Soundcloud and Twitter.