The Weekly Buzz – 10/08/2020

After some well deserved down time, genre leading label Crucial Recordings return in a way that can only be expected for such a consistently flawless imprint, and that’s with two more flawless tunes! Rakjay sees his years of hard work pay off this month, with CRUCIAL029 being his biggest release to date. For both tracks, the UK producer brings in the reinforcements, working with the bold lyricism and cutting vocals of London MC, Logan.

A perfect spicy blend of grime and dubstep, ‘Know Mi‘ basks in it’s sizzling and unwavering minimalism. Bolstered by thunderous kicks, Rakjay nails down the essentials on the percussive side of things, opening up endless space for the ominous whirring tones and Logan‘s brash, self-asserting vocals. Similarly on the flip-side, ‘Move From We‘ offers another heater, focused on Rakjay‘s dance floor illuminating fire and Logan‘s animated flow. With huge 808’s propping up the low end, this one ramps up the energy, particularly from the rapidly oscillating melody at the forefront and the occasional colourful brass notes.

From out of nowhere, Rakjay and Logan have come up with what may turn out to be two of the hardest tunes of the year. So it comes as no surprise that Crucial Recordings have snapped up both for this scorching release!

CRUCIAL029 is out now and available on vinyl here or download from the Crucial Recordings Bandcamp.

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