The Weekly Buzz – 10/09/2018

It’s always a pleasure to cover some new talent for the Weekly Buzz. So with that been said, Siberian new comer Thundaklap puts out a solid little debut release this week thanks to Boka Sounds. ‘Makeya‘ first caught my ears during a mix by Sleeper (always ahead of the curve) which seems to have been a similar situation that the Boka Records crew found themselves in. Upon hearing this fresh banger, the UK label has given what the track deserves, a limited release on hand stamped 10″ vinyl. After first hearing the track a few months ago, it’s still sounding super fresh. Beginning with guttural tribal hums building an intense atmosphere, ‘Makeya‘ progresses as a catchy yet simplistic lead grows into the soundscape. The looping melody continues after the tension is eventually released and the track drops into a laid back bouncy rhythm created by flavourful organic drums with a punchy kick. The tribal vibes are brought back in as bongos arrive intermittently towards the latter part of the track, adding texture to what is mostly a spacious minimal tune.

On the flip, BOKA049 comes with a vinyl exclusive track as Thundaklap collaborates with a producer unbeknownst to me, Dutty Tingz. ‘Psychedelic‘ is, as titled, a little gnarlier than the A-side with more extravagant sounds and samples filling the space between the deeper funkier bass line. The track still includes that raw sounding percussion as heard on the former, loaded with a killer snare. Clearly something Thundaklap has a knack for.

Thundaklap has certainly put himself firmly on my radar after this effort. Looking forward to hearing more boundary pushing bangers from this guy!

Boka049 is out this Friday (14th September) however with only 300 copies pressed, you’ve got to be alert to get yourself one. At the time of writing, there’s still some copies available on the Boka Records Bandcamp.

Check out Thundaklap on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Boka Records on Soundcloud and Twitter.