The Weekly Buzz – 11/02/2019

For a good while now, Bristol producers Glume & Phossa have been busy cooking up a bunch of flavourful collaborations together on top of their already popular solo productions. Many of these tracks have frustratingly been locked away on their hard drives and played out only by an exclusive group of DJs. But finally the time has come for a debut vinyl release from the duo, where four of their fruitiest creations find a home on White Peach Records. A label that seems to be bagging all of the most sought after tunes right now, bringing in producers from all corners of the genre. Across four boundary pushing tracks, ‘Buried EP‘ showcases Glume & Phossa‘s unique sound. A sound that’s been perfected over time, a true celebration of their craft.

From the records stunning meditative opener ‘Buried‘ featuring fellow Bristolian Ghidorah, the record continues to demonstrate infectious melodies and lively mouth watering rhythms that become a clear theme throughout the EP. The following tracks ‘Tusk’ and ‘Pariah’ are quite simply two of my favourite tunes for some time (particularly ‘Tusk’, the weightiest track on the release). The energy comes through by the truck load on both tracks with powerful leads and sampling that exudes charm and charisma. The final track ‘Hatchet‘ stands as the records most intense tune on the EP and another track that oozes energy. The constant vibrant chimes ring on over powerful dynamic 808’s. A perfect combination to invigorate the dance floor and a perfect way to see off such a scintillating release.

As expected and agreed by many, ‘Buried EP‘ goes down as an early contender for release of the year. Glume and Phossa have got the vibes dialled by creating such an unmistakeable sound palette that’s so moreish, I’m already looking to the next (Encrypted, over to you)!

WPR038 is out now and available on vinyl and digital from the White Peach Bandcamp.

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