The Weekly Buzz – 11/03/2019

Since first appearing on Crucial Recordings in 2016, it’s been fascinating to witness the rise and rise of Samba, as he’s crafted his finely tuned sound to become one of the genres most formidable figures and one of my favourite producers. This week he reinstates himself within that group as he makes his debut on the prolific Deep Dark & Dangerous with four special tracks.

No doubt the centre piece to the EP comes in the form of ‘Kings‘, a long time dubplate and now instantly recognisable through its striking melodic lead, rightly experiencing an instant reload every time its dropped. The three following tracks express similar qualities with impeccable melodies and percussion that in some respects, slaps in a way you would hear within areas of southern trap music. Most notably on ‘Paleluv‘ with its rhythmic hats and snappy snare. But again it’s the vibrant melody and those magical harmonies that really set the tune alight.
Like any tune by Samba, the following two are of course not to be ignored either. Where ‘Explain‘ switches the vibe a little as the hardest, ear drum busting track on the EP, ‘Haru‘ sweeps back to those light ethereal atmospheres with a minimal structure but plenty of texture.     

So on top of releases on Crucial Recordings, Encrypted Audio and SYSTEM, you can now add Deep Dark & Dangerous to a seriously impressive and growing catalogue. And not only that but with news of a label start up by the man himself (26.Rain), the thirst for Samba‘s music will thankfully continue to be quenched.

DDD047 is out this Friday (15th March) and available on vinyl and digital from the Deep Dark & Dangerous Bandcamp.

Check out Samba on Soundcloud.
Check out Deep Dark & Dangerous on Soundcloud and Twitter.