The Weekly Buzz – 11/06/2018

Saule has made quite a name for himself over the last couple of years with incredible productions on genre leading labels such as Gourmet Beats (GB005) and of course the mighty ‘Cure Dem‘ on Infernal Sounds (IFS007), subsequently becoming one of my favourite American producers. Saules new record on Subaltern Records (SUBALT016), I feel, is Saule at his best. A culmination of all his past works into one brilliant four track EP. First impressions are everything so teaming up with DPRTNDRP on the EPs aggressive title track ‘Gorilla Glue‘ is definitely the right way to begin a record. Saule then goes solo for three of his best tracks to be put on wax. The west coast producer gets creative on ‘World 8‘ with an impeccable and varied sound palette. On the flip, ‘Close Chatter‘ is an instant percy of mine (I’m a sucker for clean and heavy 808’s right now). What a track this is, don’t miss it! For the digital downloads, the moody eyes down track ‘Crypt‘ is included for good measure.

This is certainly one of my favourite EPs over the last couple of months, as Saule perfectly encapsulates what dubstep should and does sound like in 2018. Complete freshness.
SUBALT016 is available now from the Subaltern Records store.

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