The Weekly Buzz – 11/11/2019

One of Dubstep’s leading figures Sepia returns to Infernal Sounds this week, a third appearance on the label following the classic ‘Laid To Rest’/’Remember‘ combo (IFS002) and last years ‘Instinct’ EP (IFS010). For the label’s seventeenth instalment, Sepia unleashes three long held dubs that’s enjoyed a huge amount of support for some time now and has moved the feet of crowds across the globe, including the addictive and catchy title track ‘Flutez‘.

Flutez‘ rightly enjoys the entire A-side on IFS017, having been sought after by loyal heads for the best part of three years. The obvious key to the track is that very sharp flute lead. Stalking the lively movement of the sub frequencies, not only is it super catchy with an addictive rhythm, the track also enjoys a perfect balance between it’s clean, rich vibrancy and a ‘hand-made’ authenticity. Sepia makes sure the melody and the animated low end is centre of attention throughout, by keeping all other elements to a minimum, resulting in a razor sharp, shoulder swaying tune.
Cross The Line‘ opens the B-side, one of the newer tunes on the EP. Sepia heads down darker, meaner avenues on this one with rough aggressive synths, a more intensive bass-line and the occasional obscure reverberating vocal cut to boot. It’s definitely the dark ‘dungeon’ track of the EP, breaking up the lighter old-school vibe of ‘Flutez‘ and the placid sounds of the next track ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ which switches up the vibe once again, becoming a surprising favourite of mine. Produced in a different nature to the previous two tracks, Sepia tones things down on ‘Tales From The Crypt‘, seeing off the EP into a world of peace and tranquillity. The low end is powerful yet smooth and the percussion oozes authenticity. The light, mystical harmonies flow between all other elements effortlessly as you sit back and enjoy a serene side to bass music.

Similar to his two previous releases on Infernal Sounds and other high profile labels such as Deep Dark & Dangerous and Gourmet Beats, Sepia has once again produced another future classic. There’s a reason why it’s seen support from the likes of Mala and Truth. It’s also another future classic that Infernal Sounds can chalk up on their catalogue, a trait that the label has enjoyed since it’s inception.

IFS017 is out this Friday (15th November) and available from the Infernal Sounds store.

Check out Sepia on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Infernal Sounds on Soundcloud and Twitter.