The Weekly Buzz – 12/03/2018

Foamplate announces himself for the first time in 2018 this Friday (16th March) with a second and overall the third release on his organically growing label Plantpower. Since first appearing on renowned labels such as SYSTEM and with that masterful EP on Crucial Recordings (CRUCIAL003), Foamplate has naturally blossomed into a mature sound system based producer and now finds himself at the head of an exciting new label. The productions are progressive and modern yet there’s still a clear influence from the roots of the genre. PLANTPOWER003 is clear evidence of this. This 12″ plate comes with two equally well nurtured, well nourished tunes. Foamplate comes through with a stinger in ‘Nettle‘, a bouncing bass heavy roller with superb natural sounding percussion. On the flip, ‘Moose Fly’ gets dirtier with filthy wubs and distortion and again, brilliant crispy natural-like drums.
Like his past releases, Foamplate hits all the fundamentals required for a true dubstep track, both having bags of authenticity and energy that will certainly please both the old school and new age fans alike.

PLANTPOWER003 is available Friday (16th March) and available to buy here.

Check out Foamplate on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Plantpower on Soundcloud.