The Weekly Buzz – 12/08/2019

It’s no secret that dubstep blog TRUSIK have been killing it recently as they continue to prioritise the label. They’ve reached far and wide, grabbing the best talent from across the globe to curate one of the most impressive active catalogues in dubstep and beyond. From Amercia’s Mesck to Slovenia’s DubDiggerz, Belgium’s Zygos and most recently CITY1 producing out of Japan, TRUSIK have successfully showcased the freshest sounds over the last twelve months with an abundance of variety. For its next release, TRUSIK stays in the far east as they welcome HELKTRAM to the imprint. Yet another genre blurring talent from the land of the rising sun. Throughout ‘Suggestive Effect‘ EP, he demonstrates his multi genre capabilities and his love for bass weight pressure in all forms.

HELKTRAM doesn’t mess about when it comes to the opening track ‘Suggestive Effect‘. An unrelenting mechanical roller, he throws in splashes of techno and vivid industrial textures into the intensive mixer, layered over heart stopping pounds of energetic sub bass. Fierce and powerful, it’s no warm up tune and throws you directly into the deep end, swimming through choppy waters heading into the next two cuts. ‘Insecure’ delivers a more spaced out, atmospheric composition made up of a wide range of more techno inspired elements but still keeping it in the world of dubstep. The track plummets into the murky depths of the ocean with it’s submarine sonar-like melody doing much of the work, frantically searching for life out in the vastness of the sea. Eventually its radar picks up the concluding track ‘Iron Box‘. Now, this track is quite simply my favourite on the record. That murky wobble of the bass line and the ominous, almost dread inducing melody is a match made in heaven or the dungeon, however you look at it. It’s HELKTRAM‘s only track on the record with a clear dubstep approach and boy does he knock it out of the park.

It wasn’t until this record that I was reminded of HELKTRAM‘s last appearance on another leading label, Encrypted Audio in 2016 (ENV006). Having unfortunately missed out on much of his work since, it’s a refreshing experience to take in these three tracks. A muti-genre journey through industrial worlds to foggy contemporary soundscapes, there’s something in there for everyone so long as you enjoy intensive audio, held up by dominant bass weight.

Check out HELKTRAM on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out TRUSIK on Soundcloud and Twitter.