The Weekly Buzz – 13/05/2019

Here’s something a little different this week on the Weekly Buzz! Instead of covering an upcoming release, I thought it was necessary that this new mix series by pioneering blog and now fully fledged label DUPLOC gets the love it deserves.

Now available to listen via their popular Youtube channel, DUPLOC head honcho Pieter has curated the first instalment of the blog’s new mix series, ‘Identity Of Dubstep‘. Throughout the series, he’ll take a look at the evolution and healthy state of the genre right now by going from city to city and venue to venue that’s had a major impact on dubstep throughout its history.
For this instalment’s setting, we visit Mass Club in Brixton (London), hosts of the infamous DMZ nights. The room as dark as the music, there is a real buzz for the trailblazing sounds being played. A strong feeling that something fresh and unique is being cultivated and its attendants some of the lucky few who are first to experience what’s only recently been branded as ‘dubstep’. But who would play DMZ in 2019? Well, we’re treated to a heap of predominantly unreleased and forthcoming system destroyers from the cream of the crop of today’s producers that would be worthy of a place on such a prestigious event. The stacked track list includes the likes of Rygby and Glume & Phossa representing the UK, Dutch maestro Hebbe and masterminds of the contemporary sound, American trio Ternion Sound. ‘Identity Of Dubstep #1‘ is 30 minutes of perfect selections, bringing the sounds of 2019 to the dark iconic rooms of Mass Club with silky smooth transitions doing the high quality productions justice. A great start to a creative and unique project, coupled with some fantastic fitting artwork by Sabir Galimov. Looking forward to the next!

Listen to ‘Identity Of Dubstep #1‘ via the DUPLOC Youtube channel.

Check out Duploc on Soundcloud and Twitter.