The Weekly Buzz – 14/01/2019

Always ahead of the curve, one of dubstep’s leading labels Encrypted Audio kicks off 2019 signing unknown genre bending producer A-0. Following in the footsteps of other unknown prodigies to recently debut on the label like Hypho and Hunter Reed, A-0 grabs the bull by the horns on this one and delivers four unique tracks, blurring the lines of certain genres within bass music. From the trap-esque banger and opening track ‘FIENZ‘, the EP travels through areas of dubstep, grime and experimental sound design to create a delicious audio buffet. The concluding two tracks are both forces to be reckoned with. ‘Scraper‘, my pick of the bunch, is a perfect example of controlling space and tension all rolled into a mean grimey production with superb percussion work. The final track ‘XP’ is a feast for the ears, leaving a lasting impression of A-0 and his brilliant sound design including the wildest of distorted melodies and mind mashing patterns.

As a producer, A-0 appears to furthest away from the ‘dubstep’ line as anyone to appear on Encrypted thus far. So considering the label’s usual audience, the San Francisco based producer has opened himself up to a whole new world and generated plenty of interest (for me at least) to see what creative route he’ll go down next. Finding a new producer to follow is always exciting and once again with have Encrypted Audio to thank for that.

ENC040 is out Friday (18th January) available digitally from the Encrypted Audio Bandcamp.

Check out A-0 on Soundcloud.
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