The Weekly Buzz – 14/09/2020

Having written this blog for over two years now, naturally I’ve been able to enjoy the growth of many talented producers, witnessing the evolution and development of their sound and in turn, becoming some of the leading creatives in the genre. But one of the most notable for me has to be Beatsforbeaches. Over the last couple of years the Belgian’s productions have grown in stature, literally put on weight, and it has never been more apparent than on his highest profile release to date, out this week on the one stop banger shop that is Artikal Music.

Beatsforbeaches debuts on Artikal with two moody sound-system weapons, very much suited to the imprint’s roots. Where ‘Bloodshed‘ deals in dynamic low end stomps, infectious break neck flows and trade offs between piercing high frequency tones and stabs of fierce distortion, ‘Tunnel‘ sees Beatsforbeaches go super ruffneck with crushing low frequency incisions that, at times, reflects some of Loefah‘s most legendary productions. A sombre re-imagining of the classic Star Wars theme adds both sparkle and ambience to the spaced out, bass dominated patterns and prepare for the snare that smacks you like a bat to a ball.

Both ‘Bloodshed‘ and ‘Tunnel‘ immediately shoot to the top end of Beatsforbeaches‘ growing inventory. Two high impact, chest-rattling tunes perfect for the mighty Artikal Music and perfect for both new heads and purists alike.

ARTKLD003 is out this Friday (18th September) and available to download from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

Check out Beatsforbeaches on Soundcloud.
Check out Artikal Music on Soundcloud and Twitter.