The Weekly Buzz – 15/02/2021

The king of dubplates, the master of ambiguity, Causa fires off three of his most sought after tunes on one heavyweight plate this week, courtesy of New Moon Recordings. Sitting in captivity for almost half a decade, ‘Monkey Jam‘ EP behaves like trio of imprisoned beasts. Like coiled springs, they’re finally ready to explode into life and carry out what they’ve been designed to do all those years ago; to disrupt the systems of the masses.

Sounding as fresh as the day it was conceived, NMN013 opens with the prevailing ten-tonne weight that is ‘Ampire‘, an immediate blitz of unyielding low end pressure. A behemoth that has been poised to stomp on those that step before it for many years. But now it is free to be tested by those that dare slap it on the turn table, the ceaseless stomps and the incredibly raw, aggressive percussion stands ready to leave you and your neighbours black and blue. The EP’s centre piece, ‘Monkey Jam‘, is a seriously porky primate of a track with more bounce to the ounce. Instantly recognisable and rightly sought after by many, I can imagine many will snag the record just for this elusive, buoyant specimen alone. And finally, preceded by a drawn out, tension mounted intro, the Berlin based producer puts on his mean face for ‘Cruel Record’. An endless wave of sub squeezing weight, embellished by the classic quirky accents of Causa.

Causa and New Moon Recordings is the perfect combo here. Both on the same wavelength, their releases are few and far between, but when they do release, be it New Moon‘s recent projects from the likes of Chad Dubz and DPRTNDRP or Causa‘s recent efforts on Zam Zam Sounds, it always feel like a rare, unmissable occasion. However most importantly, what they do have in common is their preference for that big booty thiccness and you’re going to need a forklift to carry this one!

NM013 is out 19/02/2021 and available on vinyl and digitally from the New Moon Recordings Bandcamp.

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