The Weekly Buzz – 15/06/2020

With what feels like an immediate return following the illuminating ‘Glow‘ EP on Chord Marauders in April, Bristol’s Fiend spreads his 140 wings once again this week and lands on Infernal Sounds with ‘Emeralds’ EP. Following some killer releases over recent months from the likes of Taiko, Darkimh and DPRTNDRP, Infernal Sounds have set some of the highest standards in the genre, however it was never in doubt that Fiend would step up to the mark. For IFS021, Fiend delivers a selection of three of his freshest, weightiest productions, plus a remix by the always impressive Bukkha.

The EP’s title track ‘Emeralds‘ sees Fiend flex his deep, dark and deadly side with an all consuming, triple XL bass-line. The light and colourful chords reveal a mystical edge to this otherwise moody eyes down roller, and gives the opening track a very welcome emerald sparkle. Before you head into the following ‘Solar‘, make sure you’ve got that stank face at the ready and those gun fingers loosened up as this one takes you into proper skanking territory. Driven by big weighty wubs whilst packing some serious energy, save some stamina for the second drop where it really opens up into an exhilarating, dance floor pleasing banger with a clear nod to the golden age.
With a flip of the record, Bukkha adds his personal flavour to ‘Emeralds‘. A remix that builds on the mystical caverns that stand before him, Bukkha adds generous helpings of space enhancing echoes and delays to the shimmering chords and lively percussion but most importantly, Bukkha allows extra movement to the already hyperactive subs, transcending the track into a serious sound system weapon.
Fiend concludes the EP with ‘Omen‘, a track with such weight that I should’ve asked my neighbours for permission to play it. Offsetting the ten tonne sub frequency madness, enchanting flutes dance throughout, providing a lovely celestial feel to the record’s conclusion.

It comes as no surprise that once again, Infernal Sounds have picked some of the best material from another undeniable talent. ‘Emeralds‘ EP bestows some of Fiend‘s heaviest cuts yet, whilst sprinkling some lighter notes throughout to create a well balanced, ethereal experience.

IFS021 is out this Friday (19th June) and available on vinyl from the Infernal Sounds store.

Check out Fiend on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Infernal Sounds on Soundcloud and Twitter.