The Weekly Buzz – 16/04/2018

Boy did I put a decent amount of consideration into this weeks Weekly Buzz. There’s some big ones coming out this week from some of my favourite producers thus making it tricky to choose just one to write about. However despite covering Chestplate‘s latest release from Siskiyou just last week, I’ve again gone with the pioneering imprint and picked out the labels landmark collaboration between label head honcho Distance and fellow label boss man J:Kenzo of Artikal Music creating ‘Chestikal’.

The Offering‘ is certainly the more aggressive of the two tracks, conveyed by the distorted mid range carried by a consistently thumping low end. It may sound familiar thanks to J:Kenzo himself teasing it occasionally on his Rinse FM show, but is certainly a track that packs a punch and won’t get old anytime soon. On the flip, ‘Dhyana‘ brings the variety as the tempo is upped to 160bpm and the pair go down the minimal half time route utilising their experience and passion for the D ‘n B genre. The track comes packed with plenty of atmosphere brought in by subtle swells filling the space not long before the melody comes in by force thanks to a hefty electric guitar section that harkens back to some classic Distance material.

Both producers combine perfectly on Chestikal001 as both of their influences and production styles can be heard over the two tracks which sometimes isn’t always the case when it comes to collaborations. But when two veterans of the genre clash like this, it was never in doubt.

Chestikal001 is out Friday 20th April and available on vinyl here or to download from the Artikal Music Bandcamp.

That being said, be sure to check out Gramz‘ debut vinyl release on Sentry Records and A:Grade‘s return to Uprise Audio. Both out this Friday (20th April).

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