The Weekly Buzz – 16/11/2020

It was only a short month ago when new label Basskruit launched with an absolute firestorm from Sweepa and Tosti. However the imprint makes an immediate turn around this week, featuring a brand new banger from Dutch producer Cubiqle. ‘Duna’ enjoys the remix treatment not once, not twice, not even thrice, but four times over, all in keeping with Basskruit‘s mission of exhibiting the seemingly endless 140 talent erupting out of both Belgium and the Netherlands right now.

After a couple of years on the down-low, Cubiqle‘s revival track, ‘Duna’, delivers some dangerous levels of low end movement, menacing mid-range distortion and slap-ya-face percussion. The general industrial vibe throughout sets up a perfect opportunity for crazy remixes as we subsequently experience.
An EP formulated in a way we rarely see, we’re treated to a package of four unique, neck-breaking remixes of ‘Duna‘, courtesy of four very capable producers. All incredibly resilient and all incredibly well done, I dare you to pick a favourite. While I still refuse to do so, SCHIM92‘s take does come pretty damn close. The sharp, aggressive percussion of the original is there to be exploited and SCHIM92 does so in cut throat fashion, whilst guiding ‘Duna’ into areas of melancholy with subtle forlorn notes and fleeting tones.
Rising Belgian producer Datra leads the shape-shifting ‘Duna’ into some of the deepest areas for his remix, an intense deep space odyssey of gigantic proportions. Although it’s easy to focus on the infinite depth of the low frequency throbs and the pensive, distorted swells, Datra comes through with more drum-work brilliance. These boys are getting super creative on these percs man!
Case and point being the following remix by Crowley who manages to develop a snare sharp enough to cut a sheet of glass and bass-line heavy enough to shatter it.
The final remix comes from the enigmatic Moonstreams, completely unknown to myself but certainly not the case now, making an unforgettable first impression with their nutty, high energy take on the original.

Not only has Basskruit delivered unmissable, unique releases from it’s inception but, with this release in particular, has already introduced myself to talented producers that would’ve otherwise continued to fly under my radar. Which, in the age of Bandcamp and the prospect of successful self released projects, should be the central purpose of every independent record label. The Basskruit crew, lead by Hebbe and Pieter Grauwels of DUPLOC, are a force to be reckoned with!

Don’t miss the incredible music video created for ‘Duna’, written and directed by Cubiqle himself!

BSSKRT002 is out now and available on vinyl and to download from the Basskruit Bandcamp.

Check out Cubiqle on Soundcloud.
Check out Basskruit on Soundcloud.