The Weekly Buzz – 16/12/2019

Around the time when I rediscovered the sounds of 140, Eddy Seven‘s label Uprise Audio was just a fledgling imprint, an imprint that influenced my tastes and made it what it is today. Through the years the label has enjoyed a consistent roster with regular names such as A:Grade, Indiji, LSN, my personal favourite Juss B and Eddy Seven himself producing vibrant future-focused bass music. However with a view to expand, UA are looking for new talent to join the roster which started with a debut EP from Kyrist earlier this year (UA031). And featuring on this final Weekly Buzz of the year, Uprise Audio welcomes another new name to the catalogue in the form of one of the many upcoming talents from Belgium, 11th Hour.

11th Hour debuts on the label with a straight to the point, no nonsense two track release where he displays his earthquake inducing production styles.
For his maiden voyage, 11th Hour buckles up for ‘Hyperspace‘. Immediately upon lift off, the intense, deep engine rumbles rattle the shuttle walls and it’s passengers to the core. Light beams and electrical bleeps shoot by, echoing briefly in the spacious soundscape, supported by a smacking snare.
It’s sister track ‘Bravo Zulu‘ hits solid ground with heavy feet and heavy kicks. A bouncy, stomping track where 11th Hour displays his melodic, rhythmic side and a sturdy composition that still comes through with bags of attitude and character.

11th Hour is yet another fresh name to the blog and I’m certain it won’t be the last time we see him here. For the label’s 38th edition, Uprise Audio gives the Belgian a solid platform to build on here. With bold, full bodied sound designs, he’s certainly made the most out of the opportunity and with this, he sets himself up for a breakthrough 2020.

UA038 is out this Friday (20th December) and available from the Uprise Audio Bandcamp.

Check out 11th Hour on Soundcloud.
Check out Uprise Audio on Soundcloud and Twitter.